Issues of the journals Геофизика 2018 y. issue 3

Identification of middle jurassic prospects based on integrated seismic interpretation (Manych-Khvalyn terrace, middle Caspian offshore)

(Kerusov I.N. Alekseev A.G. Agapitov I.D. Belova A.A. Shtun S.Yu. )

This paper presents the results of detailed investigation of Mid-Jurassic deposits at Middle Caspian offshore. Application of sequence-stratigraphy during research allowed making detailed seismic correlation. After that paleogeomorphology and seismofacies distribution was analyzed. As a result non-anticline prospects were identified at Sarmatskaya and Yuzhnaya area.......

  • 2018  № 3, pp. 4-9

The efficiency of the regional geophysical complex (seismic, gravity and magnetic surveys) in the Kurshskaya depression of the Baltic syneclise

(Gololobov Ju.N. Druzhinina E.A. Suprunenko O.I. )

The main results of the geophysical complex (seismic, gravity and magnetic surveys) in the scale 1:200 000 during 2015-2017 years on the Kurshsky Bay' shelf of the Baltic Sea are discussed. New technological method was used for the reworking of the potential fields data and the modelling of geological slices of the basement and sedimentary cover, namely the classification of the anomalies with different spectral parameters (A.I. Atakov' algoritm). Obtained new data assume the changes of existed longstanding opinions about geological structure of the basement and sedimentary cover and oil and gas prospects of the Kurshsky Bay.......

  • 2018  № 3, pp. 17-23

Nature of harmonics in the vibroseis method and the possibility of their utilization to broaden the signal frequency band

(Denisov M.S. Shneerson M.B. )

Generation of elastic waves in the Vibroseis method is accompanied by the appearance of harmonics, i.e. the waves with multiple frequencies relative to the fundamental frequencies. Traditionally harmonics were regarded as noise and essential effort was devoted to their removal. In our opinion, harmonics might be utilized for seismic signal frequency band broadening. A parametric model of a complex vibroseismic signal is introduced and an optimizational procedure for spectrum broadening is proposed.......

  • 2018  № 3, pp. 24-27