Issues of the journals Геофизика 2013 y. issue 1

Grid algorithms for 3D density modeling

(Martyshko P.S. Ladovskiy I.V. Osipov V.Yu. Byzov D.D. Tsidaev A.G. )

The article describes basic elements of our developed software and algorithms for construction upper lithosphere 3D seismic-density models. Technique is based on use seismic profiles as initial data. Using described methods 3D geological and geophysical models of Middle Urals and West-Siberian plate junction area were constructed.......

  • 2013  № 1, pp. 41-47

About parameterization of model under gravity data inversion

(Balk P.I. )

Stated the reasons for which in procedure of interpretation of gravity data the problem of parameterization of field sources is not resolved. Standard circuits of interpretation algorithms supplemented by the missing elements.......

  • 2013  № 1, pp. 48-54

The 2D gravity modeling of tectonosphere for the south-west segment of Indian Ocean

(Bulychev A.A. Gilod D.A. )

The constitution of tectonosphere is investigating for south-west segment of Indian Ocean using gravity data. 2D gravity modeling over the profile system was carried out; each profile was over 2000 km long and intersected the large structures in the south-west segment of the interest region. In order to create the tectonosphere's models, the gravity Bouguer anomaly maps, bathymetry, age and seismic tomography data, as well as the results of the gravity and magnetic fields structural analysis were used. The results of 2D gravity modeling had discussed.......

  • 2013  № 1, pp. 55-66

Effect of temperature on specific electrical resistivity of frozen soils: a case study

(Neradovskii L.G. )

This article discusses the results of the study which used the data of geotechnical site investigations in Yakutsk. The purpose of the study is to prove the effect of temperature on specific electrical resistivity of frozen sands and fine-grained soils. The results indicate that this effect occurs in the range of subzero temperatures within individual lithologic types of soils with similar physical properties. The procedure proposed allows one to study the temperature dependence of specific electrical resistivity in the field using the DC resistivity technique.......

  • 2013  № 1, pp. 67-70

Induced polarization of electrokinetic origin

(Svetov B.S. Agueev V.V. Karinskiy S.D. Agueeva O.A. )

In the article on the example of a spherical inhomogeneity and horizontally layered cut is considered a self-consistent solution of the problem, describing the induced polarization (IP) of the geological medium of electrokinetic origin. External currents and charges arise in a porous medium in places narrowing channels (membrane effect). In the established field the fluid flow, caused by external forces, is balanced by the electro osmosis flow. External charges create an electric IP field. The calculations of the asymptotic values of the IP fields at large times are performed. Their results are compared with the calculations made in accordance with the asymptotic variant of the method of frequency dispersion of conductivity (algorithm of Siegel - Komarov) and demonstrated their difference. The result of the laboratory experiment on samples of rocks, show that extraneous current and voltage are not bound by Ohm's law.......

  • 2013  № 1, pp. 71-79