Issues of the journals Геофизика 2016 y. issue 5

Approximation algorithms of geopotential fields sourcewise functions

(Kostitsyn V.I. Dolgal A.S. Novikova P.N. Pugin A.V. )

Presents several efficient algorithms sourcewise approximation of potential fields, meant for work with large and very large amounts of data. They are characterized by a relatively simple mathematical structure, intelligible geophysicists and relative ease of programming. One of the distinguishing features of the proposed algorithms is not a fixed and determined multilevel approximation structure dimension during computational process. In some algorithms implemented replacing time-consuming procedures for solving systems of linear algebraic equations, used to field sources determine, the cyclic execution of the one-dimensional optimization.......

  • 2016  № 5, pp. 4-10

Shallow seismic stratigraphy

(Sanfirov I.A. Babkin A.I. Yaroslavtsev A.G. Fatkin K.B. Bobrov V.Y. )

Modern shallow and very shallow seismic researches let real possibilities for seismic stratigraphy methods using on interpretation stage. These methods are based on wave pictures classification different geological targets reflecting directly. Seismic data essential quality is ensuring by CDP seismic with reflection waves.......

  • 2016  № 5, pp. 11-18

Physical modeling of electric fields to determine the depth pile foundation in the two-layer medium

(Filimonchikov A.A. )

The article presents the results of physical modeling of a constant electric field to determine the depth pile foundation in a horizontally-layered medium. Through the modeling choose the most optimal and efficient borehole measurements technique. The criteria that in the interpretation allow to separate the lower end of the pile response from the geological boundary signal are determined.......

  • 2016  № 5, pp. 19-22

On the assessment of the modified Schwarz‘s algorithm convergence in VEZ direct problem

(Spassky B.A. Yudin M.N. )

Some obstacles in the solution of electrical sounding (VES) forward problem with using modified Schwartz method are considered in the paper. It is shown, that class of the models, when this iteration process is convergence, is limited. It's scheduled the ways of significant extension this class elements. Convergence of successive approximations to the solution was confirmed by computational experiments results.......

  • 2016  № 5, pp. 23-31