Issues of the journals Геофизика 2016 y. issue 2

A magnetotelluric method for induced polarization studies

(Yakovlev A.G. Zorin N.I. Epishkin D.V. )

In the magnetotelluric method for induced polarization studies (MT-IP) chargeability of a cross-section is examined with the help of natural electromagnetic field. Originally, the MT-IP method was based on working with the normalized magnetotelluric impedance function at low frequencies. In the present paper it is shown that the electric field is much more sensitive to IP effects than the magnetic field, thus as a main MT-IP parameter we propose to use the effective value of the telluric tensor, which relates horizontal electric field at a survey site to that at a remote reference site. The mentioned parameter does not require any apriori information about the cross-section and could be steadily determined in the field. The IP anomalies obtained via the effective value of telluric tensor do not depend on the choice of the remote site and have very simple shape. To improve the noise resistance of the proposed technique we developed a special data processing algorithm, which makes the accuracy of telluric tensor determination significantly higher. The major conclusions of the paper are supported by numerical tests and a field experiment.......

  • 2016  № 2, pp. 43-53

Possibilities of inductive pulse geoelectricians in search and investigation of gold and platinoids placers

(Korotkov Y.V. )

Results of researches pay gravel deposits of platinum (Pt) metals complex on the basis technology of inductive electromagnetic probing of МPP are shown in the article. It is possible to carry out researches in difficult geological conditions with use of offered technology, thus in details to divide a section and to allocate weak abnormal sites with getting qualitative and a trustworthy information. The efficiency of the method is demonstrated on data obtained for realistic models of the medium, presented research results have a practical character.......

  • 2016  № 2, pp. 54-60

Geophysical methods and technologies in modern coal exploration

(Fomenko N.E. Porfilkin E.G. Zhurbitsky B.I. )

The article deals with the problems of implementation and improvement of methods and technologies of coal geophysics on the basis of: a) geophysical information covering for prediction of coal-bearing structures and reassessment of geological resources; b) methodological and technological systems for electrical surveying of complications of coal seams and coal-bearing rocks; processing and interpretation of logging results with the use of traditional mathematical methods: d) setting goals for the development of nano technologies in the measurement and the drone means of delivery, with GPS reference of measurement data.......

  • 2016  № 2, pp. 61-68

Seismicity Sulak cascade HPP and its man-made aspects

(Aliev I.A. Musaev M.A. Cherkashin V.I. )

Conducted a detailed study of seismicity of the territory of Dagestan over the past 50 years showed a maximum concentration of seismic activity in the area Sulak cascade that occurs during filling of reservoirs each large hydro. It is shown, for example Irganaysk HPP that additional increase (in comparison with the period of relative tectonic equilibrium) dynamic load initiates the burst of seismic activity in the area, changes the nature of the distribution of hypocenters. After a burst of seismic activity there is a period of relative seismic calm of the area, in other words triggered seismicity leads to a temporary reduction of the total local seismicity.......

  • 2016  № 2, pp. 69-74

Prospects of oil-and-gas content of the southern part of the Komi Republic and adjacent territories based on probabilistic complex interpretation of geodata

(Kalinin D.F. Yanovskaya Y.A. )

The goal of this paper is to formulate the principles of predictive zoning based on a set of geodata. Favorable geotectonic factors that allegedly condition the existence of hydrocarbon deposits within the southern part of the Komi Republic and adjacent territories are listed. Areas (regional pre-requisites) prospective for delineation of alternative oil-and-gas structures are localized based on stochastic methods. Significant assumptions on extensive development of reef knolls on the territory of the Pre-Timan aulacogen and on possible non-identified hydrocarbon deposits typical of deeply buried structures are made.......

  • 2016  № 2, pp. 75-83