Issues of the journals Геофизика 2016 y. issue 2

Seismic facies analysis range of possibilities for the study of paleo fluvial systems

(Olneva T.V. Zhukovskaya E.A. )

Creation of library of seismic patterns representing geological processes and phenomena is a challenging and actual task [2-4]. Thanks to recent researches and, in the first place, the interpretation approaches based on seismic stratigraphy and seismic facies analyses we are able to do this. The authors are planning a series of papers devoted to different geological processes and phenomena. The first two articles dealing with underwater landslide phenomena and cones, were published in 2015 the journal «Geophysics» [5, 6]. The theme was of great interest, proved very popular and was picked up by colleagues [7].......

  • 2016  № 2, pp. 2-9

The study of geological objects achimov formation using a spectral decomposition

(Butorin A.V. )

Modern oil industry is on the way of complication of the geological structure of the deposits. This trend requires specialists use the latest technologies to analyze available geological and geophysical information. In the article describes a new algorithm - continuous wavelet transform in example of synthetic and real data.......

  • 2016  № 2, pp. 10-18

Microplastic inelasticity during seismic and acoustic wave propagation in rocks

(Mashinskii E.I. )

Manifestations of microplastic inelasticity in rocks initiated by seismic and acoustic waves are detected at the stress-time recording a(t) with microsecond resolution during measurements in shallow boreholes and on the samples. Amplitude-dependent inelastic manifestations have the step form and consist of the stress plateau with short duration inserted into elastic process. New knowledge in the physics of wave propagation can be useful for applications using the effect of the amplitude-dependent wave attenuation.......

  • 2016  № 2, pp. 19-23

About ultrasonic measurements of the non-consolidated media samples

(Shalaeva N.V. Vladov M.L. Tokarev M.Yu. Struchkov V.A. Chuvilin E.M. )

Ultrasonic measurements of the solid samples or laboratory models are very effective. But the measurements of the nonconsolidated media, such as water-saturated granular sediments, have a lot of difficulties. It is very difficult to investigate the dependence of sediments acoustic properties from many factors in laboratory. At the same time some boundary effects at the non-solid sample surface can be used for frequency band widening without changing sample size. On the other hand, effect parameters can be used as measure of particle connections in media.......

  • 2016  № 2, pp. 24-31

Results of complex geophysical surveys on the anomaly «Mokrovo» (Ukhnovsky district, Kaluga region)

(Kulikov V.A. Bobachev A.A. Solovieva A.V. Kosorukov V.L. Palenov A.Yu. )

The purpose of this study is to identify the various geophysical and geological section parameters by integrating electrical and magnetic exploration. The object of research is the Miocene paleovalley filled with deposits of clay, loam and sand. The complex geophysical work presented a detailed ground magnetic prospecting, electric profiling and spectral induced polarization method (SIP), which is based on the IP measurements at several frequencies. Particular attention was paid to section elements, which are characterized by high values of magnetic susceptibility and chargeability. For all the collected materials complex interpretation was performed, we received two-dimensional model of resistivity and chargeability and held lithological core analysis. The main conclusion of our research is that the anomalies in the magnetic field and the high values of the induced polarization are due to the presence of finely dispersed iron compounds and the iron in amorphous form.......

  • 2016  № 2, pp. 32-42