Issues of the journals Геофизика 2016 y. issue 1

Comparison of deterministic acoustic inversion methods for prediction of the prospective acoustically contrast objects from seismic data

(Danko D.A. )

In this paper we discuss the problem of choosing the optimal deterministic seismic inversion method for prediction of elastic properties, boundaries position and thickness of the prospective acoustically contrast objects in unconventional reservoirs. The main types of deterministic seismic inversion are tested: «coloured» inversion, sparse spike inversion, model based inversion and layered amplitude inversion. The comparative analysis was performed on the model data. It was found that the optimal seismic inversion algorithm for the solution of above-described problem is the layered amplitude inversion.......

  • 2016  № 1, pp. 2-11

Logging probe modeling for estimation value of rocks electrical anisotropy coefficient

(Karinskiy A.D. Krasnoselskikh A.A. )

The article presents the results of theoretical and experimental research for the original design of the electromagnetic logging probe. In this probe transmitter of harmonically varying electromagnetic field is magnetic dipole, and the measured value is the voltage of one of the electric field components in a short measuring line MN. Under certain conditions the results of measurements with such probe depend on the electrical anisotropy coefficient and don’t depend on electrical resistivity of rocks.......

  • 2016  № 1, pp. 26-33

A technique of diagnosis of near-wellbore zone properties alteration by combination of hydrodynamic and geophysical modelling

(Makarova A.A. Mikhailov D.N. Shako V.V. )

During the well drilling, completion and production, near-wellbore zone properties can be modified that can cause decreasing of well productivity. An invasion of different mud components (particles, clay, polymers etc.) into the near-wellbore zone and interaction with the reservoir fluids and rock-forming minerals can cause formation of a complex structure with different properties. The presence of near-wellbore zone properties alteration significantly affects well testing and logging data. A technique of joint hydrodynamic and geophysical modeling of near-wellbore zone properties alteration and determination of formation damage mechanisms is discussed in the paper. A diagram for the diagnosis of mechanisms of near-wellbore properties alteration is also provided. Developed technique is validated on some synthetic and literature field cases.......

  • 2016  № 1, pp. 34-42

Additive technologies of quantitative interpretation gravitational anomalies

(Dolgal A.S. Balk P.I. )

We present a fundamentally different approach to the evaluation from gravity field measurements of the area spatial position filled with disturbing masses. The key idea is that, based on the set of possible interpretations to construct the distribution of a parameter, associated with the probability assessment of detection of field sources anywhere in the studied geological space and then «attach» the allocation to each region, which pretends to be the true support anomalous masses. The result of such constructions are generalized permitted solution of the inverse problem with the ranking of individual model fragments support on the degree detection are disturbing masses.......

  • 2016  № 1, pp. 43-47