Issues of the journals Геофизика 2013 y. issue 5

Adam Konstantinovich Urupov - the creator of PERM scientific school in oil and gas seismic prospecting

(Kostitsyn V.I. Voskresenskiy Y.N. )

The geophysical community of Russia in the year 2013 commemorates 90 years since birth of Adam Konstantinovich Urupov (1923-2008) - the famous Russian geophysicist, the founder of scientific seismic school in Perm Region, one of the founders of Russian school of seismologists-oilers, the Doctor of geological-mineralogical science, professor, honored worker of science of Russia, honored geologist of RSFSR, honored worker of Ministry of fuel and energy, honorary explorer of resources, honorary oiler, veteran of the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945).......

  • 2013  № 5, pp. 2-5

Development of A.K. Urupov's ideas in works of scientific Perm school

(Mityunina I.Yu. Spassky B.A. )

Concepts of the various velocities used at processing and interpretation of the data in seismic prospecting by a method of reflected waves are discussed. A.K. Urupov's role in development of a seismic direction on faculty of geophysics Perm state (nowadays scientifically research) university is marked. A number of the directions advanced by A.K. Urupov and his pupils (parametrical and dynamic diagrams for velocity definition and studying of features of a structure of real environments, velocity anisotropy of rocks, questions of modeling), still remain actual and now.......

  • 2013  № 5, pp. 6-11

Seismic study of sandstone reservoir salinization

(Shubin A.V. Ryzhkov V.I. )

In this paper we have presented an integrated approach for seismic reservoir characterization, including core and petrophysical analysis, rock physics modeling with the purpose of studying sandstone salinization in Eastern Siberia. One of the possible causes of sandstone salinization is examined and rock physics model of sandstone with pore-filling salt is proposed. Parameter of salinization is introduced. We predicted salinization zones in one oilfield in the Eastern Siberia using simultaneous inversion and probability classification.......

  • 2013  № 5, pp. 17-25

Major discovery of Perm region geophysics and oilers in early XXI century

(Shumilov A.V. Neganov V.M. Shumsky I.F. Cherepanov S.S. )

The described methodological and technical solutions exploration geophysics and well logging are in service with the oldest national geophysical company. These solutions are applied in the Perm region at the opening of the new field with the complex structure of the pore space, may soon be widely used in the oil and gas industry in Russia.......

  • 2013  № 5, pp. 26-31