Issues of the journals Геофизика 2015 y. issue 5

Accounting the earth’s sphericity during processing gravity data

(Khokhlova V.V. )

The article considers questions of the accounting Earth’s sphericity during the primary processing of the field gravity data and solving direct problems. It is shown that the errors caused by the idealization of the Earth’s shape on the stage entering corrections in the results land gravity measurements, can significantly exceed the anomaly amplitude from targets geological objects. There are proposed modifications of the existing algorithms for reduction gravity field taking into account the Earth’s sphericity.......

  • 2015  № 5, pp. 59-64

Modelling zones generating induced earthquakes

(Dyagilev R.A. )

The article presents then model zones where induced earthquakes may happen. The model describes spatio-temporal events distribution at territories of strong human influence on seismic activity. Main zones in the Middle Urals have been revealed. Basing on many years observation the model parameters have been defined for the most meaningful zones. Such parameters have been used to exact seismic hazard in the region.......

  • 2015  № 5, pp. 65-71

Using dsi data for the control of oriented hydraulic fracturing (frac) process

(Utochkin Yu.V. Gubina A.I. Nekrasov A.S. Gulyaev P.N. Rybka V.F. )

The study presents the experience of performing DSI in process of hydraulic fracturing control, reinterpretation of the data for the purpose of determining the rock stress direction by background measurements. Conclusions are made on the development of fracture in the direction of maximum stresses and the impact of a number of factors on the direction of maximum stresses.......

  • 2015  № 5, pp. 72-79