Issues of the journals Геофизика 2015 y. issue 5

Use of geophysical data for the implementation of an integrated approach to the study of geological features of operation of wells

(Neganov V.M. Shumsky I.F. Cherepanov S.S. Salnikova O.L. )

Features of reef constructions for the Berezniki plateau are described, results of development of wells on the prepared structures according to seismic exploration are considered, the technology on secondary opening of oil collectors on a depression is offered, possibility of carrying out monitoring at simultaneous and separate operation of objects is considered.......

  • 2015  № 5, pp. 29-36

About influence of dolomitisation on determination of carbonate rocks porosity by well survey

(Nekrasov A.S. Popova N.S. )

Approach to determining of porosity factor of carbonate rocks taking into account dolomitisation is suggested. These approach is formalized on estimates of petroleum and gas reserves one of Permian Region fields. The divergence in reserve gas at determining of porosity taking into account and without regard of dolomitisation is 57%, oil - 51%.......

  • 2015  № 5, pp. 37-40

About the results of the electrical prospecting possobilities research for the oil deposits investigation under the geoelectrical conditions of perm region

(Kolesnikov V.P. Laskina T.A. )

The peculiarities and intensity of the hydrocarbons manifestation in the field of the electrical parameters of the subsurface part of the section up to a depth of 60-80 m and also 200 and 600 m for the particular areas were investigated on the example of the survey of the number of oil deposits in Perm region for the solving of ecological and test oil search targets. The complex of complementary methods was formed to conduct oil prospecting in the conditions of urbanized territories (or with the help of the specially constructed generator for the fixed frequency setting). It includes the induction sounding method which is based on the usage of industrial (or specially generated) electromagnetic fields and provides the efficiency of the regional investigation conducting and getting of tentative information about the presence of the perspective oil areas; and the combination of conventional methods: electrical sounding, transient sounding, induced polarization method for the getting of the information about different electrical parameters of rocks in overlapping intervals of the effective depths which are controlled by each used method with the purpose of detailed verification investigations conducting on the oil perspective areas determined with the help of the regional survey. The test of the developed technology on the example of the Belskoe oil deposit has shown the accordance of the obtained results and the prior information about the spatial location of the increased oil content areas and the prospectively of it’s further development.......

  • 2015  № 5, pp. 41-46

Construction of a volume model of geological objects using gravity field on the basis of a synthesis of qualitative and quantitative interpretation methods

(Bychkov S.G. Simanov A.A. Kostitsyn V.I. Dolgal A.S. Michurin A.V. )

The article considers the application technology of qualitative and quantitative interpretation methods of gravity data in order to construct a volume model of geological objects. At the initial stage of interpretation to obtain approximate representations about the studied geodensity inhomogeneities used vector scanning; then performed solutions series of inverse gravity problem (IGP) by mounting method. The resulting set of particular solutions of IGP converted into a net distribution of the detection probability of anomalous object in an elementary environment volume - localization function. It is proposed a selection criterion of the «best» particular solution of the inverse problem, which is unrelated with the magnitude of divergence fields. The example of presented technology application is given.......

  • 2015  № 5, pp. 47-54

Gravimetric and magnitometric research of earth crust at joint of continent and Barentz area

(Tarantin M.V. Kostitsyn V.I. Prostolupov G.V. Chadaev M.S. Gershanok V.A. )

The objects of this research are details of earth crust structure, specific relations of Moho discontinuity surface and local structure’s formation and distribution of hydrocarbon reservoir. For gravity and magnetic data processing some software systems were used: «Coscad-3D» and «Vector». The basement for meaningful interpretation of transformed geophysical data were Moho depths and DSS surveys.......

  • 2015  № 5, pp. 55-58