Issues of the journals Геофизика 2015 y. issue 3

Algorithms for determination of the volumetric parameters and method of estimation of the mobile oil reserves V1, the oil reserves V2 and oil-generating potential V3 of the Bazhen formation source rock on an example of the Salym group of fields

(Dyakonova T.F. Isakova T.G. Bilibin S.I. Yukanova E.A. Valova L.V. Kalmykov G.A. Polyakova U.V. )

This article presents the algorithms and methodology for determining the volumetric parameters and estimating the volumes of mobile oil V1, released oil V2 and the amount of oil-generating potential V3. Methods of evaluation of the geochemical parameters S1, S2, required for estimating the amount of the released oil and oil-generating potential, are shown. It is shown that unconventional deposits of BS have their own characteristics: - There is no concept of «deposit» with its attributes - OWC, internal and external contours, the transition interval, saturated zones, etc.; - There is no concept of a reservoir/ non-reservoir in terms of the boundary values of porosity and permeability; - A major influence on the content of hydrocarbons (HC) and the quality of oil reserves is caused by the maturity level of solid organic matter (OM) (kerogen), which requires core studies not only of mineralogical, petrophysical, but also, more importantly, the geochemical characteristics of the rocks.......

  • 2015  № 3, pp. 37-50

Geological and geophysical criteria of identification of the zones of different productivity of the Bazhen Formation on the example of the Salym group of fields

(Dyakonova T.F. Isakova T.G. Bilibin S.I. Vovk A.V. Yukanova E.A. Kalmykov G.A. Ganichev D.I. )

The proposed indirect geological and geophysical criteria for identification paleogeological signs with the current state of the Bazhenov formation. Geological properties of the Bazhenov formation, due to conditions sedimentation, structural factors, the temperature of the reservoir and other. The quantitative basis for the division of indirect criteria for grading is their comparison with the accumulated oil production and the ratio of the specific productivity of the wells.......

  • 2015  № 3, pp. 51-58

Principles of construction of the geological model of the rocks of the Bazhen formation on the basis of geological and geophysical trends

(Kashik A.S. Dyakonova T.F. Isakova T.G. Bilibin S.I. Vovk A.V. Yukanova E.A. Valova L.V. Kalmykov G.A. )

In this paper, a description of the problems arising in the modeling of the Bazhenov formation, and considered author modeling techniques that differ from the standard methods. The estimation and analysis of reserves and resources of oil.......

  • 2015  № 3, pp. 59-65

Compilation and analysis of the results of research and exploitation of the Bazhen Formation of the Salym group of fields

(Kashik A.S. Achapkin M.Y. Bykov V.V. Polishchuk V.I. )

The comparison of the well tests results of 26 fields and sectors showed that Bazhen deposits of Salym group of areas have the best productivity. It’s proposed to also use the formation temperature value in carrying out the marking of high productivity zones. Some considerations are made on the usefulness of targeted pilot studies on the Bazhen rock heating technologies effectiveness and their impact on permeability change, deformation properties, oil recovery from oil-bearing rock with reference to the kerogen concentration. There occurred the cases of sporadic reservoir pressure growth spurts in a number of wells in the development Bazhen deposits on depletion drive and other poorly explainable facts that occurred during operation.......

  • 2015  № 3, pp. 66-75