Issues of the journals Геофизика 2012 y. issue 2

Geological structure and petroleum potential of Pugachev’s and G-codes lletsk of Russian Plate

(Bondarenko M.T. Myatchin K.M. Fedotova O.V. Shlezinger A.E. )

Regional geological analysis, reconsideration of the stored geophysical material and new data of successful prospecting drilling have allowed to plan oil and gas bearing perspectives of Pugachevsky and Salt-Iletsky arches, connected to the following objects: deposits of Lower and Middle Devonian, composing inversion sections of the arches; combined traps of local structures on the northern limbs of the arches; chains of reef bodies in the area of thinning out of terrigenous Devonian deposits on the on the northern limbs of the arches.......

  • 2012  № 2, pp. 41-47

Features of seismicity and gas fields in Azerbaijan

(Yusubov N.P. )

The paper details the data of that 55% of earthquakes, registered in 2006 - 2010, took place on the boundary of Mesozoic, Cainozoic stages and within Cainozoic interval of geological section. This conclusion was achieved by comparing the parameters of earthquake and geological model of sedimentary cover, built on seismic prospecting data with common depth point method (CDPM). According to the results of researches the sources of most earthquakes are connected with the local geodynamic deformations, occurred within sedimentary cover.......

  • 2012  № 2, pp. 48-52