Issues of the journals Геофизика 2012 y. issue 2

About possible nature of V /V low values in ore deposits of fluid genesis

(Kuzin A.M. )

Causes of relatively low values of longitudinal and shear waves speeds ratio (V /V ) are considered in this paper. It is demonstrated, that the presence (content) of a fluid in the gas phase influence on the value of V /V rather more than the contents of silica. In general, the low values of V /V characterize more gas-saturated formations. In prediction of ore mineralizing, the low values of V /V may be attributed as a property (feature) of the presence of reservoir.......

  • 2012  № 2, pp. 7-15

The theory of tern wall-thickness measurement in wells

(Potapov A.P. Kneller L.E. Danilenko V.V. )

It is studied the influence of magnetic conductivity and pipe geometry on the near-field transient curves. Investigation ability of multistring structures has been evaluated in the field of the method maximum sensitivity.......

  • 2012  № 2, pp. 20-26

Spectrometric gamma logging in petroleum geophysics

(Dolgal A.S. Urmanov E.G. Blokh Y.I. Bondarenko V.I. Novikova P.N. Rashidov V.A. Trusov A.A. )

The Spectral gamma log (SGL) is high informative method in well logging complex of the geophysical investigation oil and gas wells. SGL data helps, as an improved shale indicator and a better estimator the clay percentage, to yield the productive collectors in the complicated beds of the well sections. Combining the SGL with other logs at the quantitative interpretation provide better estimation of porosity, also the fractured intervals in carbonates with secondary dolomites, and lithologic description.......

  • 2012  № 2, pp. 27-35

Assessment of the impact of changes of reservoir properties and lithology on the elastic parameters of the medium

(Uspenskaya L.A. Kucheryavenko D.S. Romanenko M.Y. Emelyanov D.V. Kulik A.P. )

On the base of the developed petroelastic model the analysis of the lithology and reservoir properties influence on elastic parameters was carried out with measured and modeled data (well logs). Interpretation of the 3D seismic data inversion results was executed according to spend analysis outcomes. Examples of the considered technology application for prediction of the lithology and reservoir properties with seismic inversion results are demonstrated.......

  • 2012  № 2, pp. 36-40