Issues of the journals Геофизика 2014 y. issue 1

Some features of the Ural crust density model (for Krasnoleninsk profile)

(Martyshko P.S. Ladovskiy I.V. Pyankov V.A. )

Gravity and seismic data from the Krasnoleninsk profile have been interpreted comprehensively for the first time. It has resulted in a new and consistent image of lithosphere density and velocity heterogeneities. The most detailed section is compiled for the consolidated crust. An important difference in the crust structure and geophysical parameters of the Central Ural. Predurals and Zaurals is revealed.......

  • 2014  № 1, pp. 8-10

Modern procedures of processing precision gravity supervision

(Bychkov S.G. Simanov A.A. )

It is shown that abilities of gravitational exploration are at present contrary to existing directions for these works. We suggest new procedures of the reduction of gravity data which allows for modern data about the Earth’s figure. The example of processing of gravity data observed on the Perm territory demonstrates that the application of modern procedures of processing allows increasing the information value of gravity data.......

  • 2014  № 1, pp. 11-17

Rariomagnetotelluric soundings method with a controlled source

(Saraev A.K. Simakov A.E. Shlykov A.A. )

Features of the controlled source radlomagnetotellurlc sounding method (CSRMT) are considered. Developed equipment RMT-C Is described. Features of the electromagnetic field of horizontal electric dipole are considered taking into account displacement currents in the air. The wave zone thus Is allocated at a certain distance from the source and the field there Is characterized by a number of essential differences comparing with the quasi-static zone. An example of the CSRMT method application for the solution of engineering-geological tasks in Chukotka Is presented.......

  • 2014  № 1, pp. 18-25

Geoelectrical prospecting by VECS method for examination of ore deposits

(Zlobinskiy A.V. Mogilatov V.S. )

This is shown in the field and on the theoretical material that the principle of vertical electric current sounding is to compensate the response from the host rocks on physical level, has been successfully implemented on the ore objects. We discuss the experience of the VECS during the examination of ore deposits.......

  • 2014  № 1, pp. 26-35