Facies analysis based on 3D seismic waveform

(Priezzhev I.I. Solokha E.V. Manral S. )

A new 3D waveform classification algorithm has been developed based on the SOM Kohonen or К-Mean. The seismic amplitude can be taken as input for the classification procedure. Seismic waveforms are classified in order to define seismic facies and stratigraphic changes in a specific interval, as well as geological zoning.......

  • 2014  № 1, pp. 63-67

Some aspects of digital data representation

(Karapetov G.A. )

The article addresses the key issues associated with the digital representation of the analog data and real-world applicability of the Nyquist and Ageev theorems.......

  • 2014  № 1, pp. 68-72