Progress in theory and interpretation of pulsed neutron logging

(Poliachenko A.L. Poliachenko L.B. )

Presented are results of research and solutions of a wide range of problems being urgent for the practice of integral Pulsed Neutron Logging (PNL) mostly of the theoretical, computing, methodical and interpretation character. These results and solutions are related to applying the Pulsed Neutron Logging method in oil-and-gas and uranium borehole geophysics and could be considered as the up-to-date stage in the advancement of the PNL method.......

  • 2014  № 3, pp. 32-40

Near-surface seismic for study of quaternary deposits in Moscow region

(Romanov V.V. )

The article highlights practical aspects of near-surface seismic by example of glacial clay strata subdivision in Moscow region. Joint seismic exploration proved to solve the main geological problems. The achieved results have shown high efficiency of the near-surface seismic in areas containing glacial deposits.......

  • 2014  № 3, pp. 41-48

Geologic-geophysical model of the Central-Aldan golden-ore region

(Stogny G.A. Stogny V.V. )

Central-Aldan golden-ore region is a standard object of the Aldan-Stanovoy shield on the example of which research criteria of the golden-ore deposits are worked out. Basis of the ore formation model is usually consists of data of the Central-Aldan gold-ore region’s deep structure grounded on the results of the geology-geophysical interpretation and differed first of all by approach to the explanation of Yakokut gravity minimum nature.......

  • 2014  № 3, pp. 49-54


(Erofeev L.Ya. Orekhov A.N. )

In the article describes the results of integrated geophysical and petrophysical studies an example of two low-sulfide quartz vein gold deposits, located in different regions of Siberia and formed at different times. The regularities of the manifestations of geologic structure in various physical fields of geophysics and opportunities in the study of such deposits.......

  • 2014  № 3, pp. 55-60

Determination of kerogen content in carbonate source rocks by well-logging data

(Burkhanova I.O. )

This paper is dedicated to kerogen estimation approach within productive sediments of Orenburg oil, gas and condensate field. Different ways of kerogen estimation by well-logging data were examined within Sakmarian marker bed. This bed is rich in organic carbon and specifies by high gamma activity. >4s a result association between kerogen content and gamma activity was found for Sakmarian marker bed rocks.......

  • 2014  № 3, pp. 61-66