Magnetotelluric soundings in the region of recent tectonic and seismic activity (by the example of Gorny Altai)

(Pospeeva E.V. Vitte L.V. Potapov V.V. Sakharova M.A. )

The article presents a synthesis of MT sounding data received within the Chuya and Kurai basins and their mountain frame. Geological interpretation of the MT soundings inversion results is based on the modern study of the Altai morphotectonics, including the characteristics of mountain structures formation and areas of their catenation with Chuya and Kurai basins. In our research, we used geomorphological, geophysical and geological indicators of the latest activation.......

  • 2014  № 4, pp. 8-16

In-field quality control at new technological level of land seismic

(Cherepovskiy A.V. )

The modern criteria and wide possibilities of in-field quality control of 3D land seismic data have been described. The approaches to in-field QC are changing at new technological level of 3D land seismic characterized with single-source and singlesensor acquisition, high density, high productivity, and (almost) continuous data recording. It has been shown that in-field QC in mega-crews should inevitably transform from visual and quantitative estimation of raw data to verification of the specifications and field techniques selected by the Client. And the quality of seismic surveys should be estimated on the final results of data processing and interpretation.......

  • 2014  № 4, pp. 23-32

Estimation of seismic effect drilling-and-blasting operations for buildings

(Verkholantsev A.V. Shulakov D.Yu. )

The article describes the results of analysis of seismic effect measured for single explosions in mines and open pits. It is shown the main factors that influence on seismic effect magnitude are not only distance and explosive mass but also triggering direction, system of initiation and rock properties near the surface. It means that formula to estimate seismically safe distances established by regulatory documents is suitable only for initial rough calculation. Reliable determination of amplitude-to-distance dependence is possible only after in-situ measurements taking into account both blast parameters and soil conditions. The resulting value of seismically safe distance can differ significantly (in times) from that calculated with statutory formula.......

  • 2014  № 4, pp. 40-45