Technique of integration of geophysical methods at creation of velocity model of near-surface geological section

(Mityunina I.Yu. )

Technology of construction of geologic-geophysical model by complex interpretation of CDP data, high-precision gravity measurements and vertical electrical sounding is suggested. Technology is realized on a base of ArcGIS 10 (ESRI) with additional module Target (Geosoft Inc.). Model created makes it possible to correct promptly near-surface effects on processing and interpretation of geophysical data.......

  • 2014  № 5, pp. 41-45

Gravity investigations the verkhnekamskoe potash deposit

(Bychkov S.G. Prostolupov G.V. Shcherbinina G.P. )

The results of gravimetric survey conducted to study the density structure of the Verkhnekamskoe potash deposit strata are presented. It is shown that the modern processing and interpretation methods of high-precision gravimetric researches, implementation of monitoring and ground and underground gravity surveys significantly increase opportunities for gravity studying of geological structure of the salt and salt-wide layers. Examples of gravimetric survey on emergency mine area are given.......

  • 2014  № 5, pp. 46-51

Improvement of torsion balance of gradiometer based on the electromagnetic gimbal

(Kostitsyn V.I. Petrov Yu.P. Kulikova T.S. Danilov Iu.L. )

A comparative evaluation of gravity and gradiometer research geological objects at different depths. It is shown, that the relative measurement error gravimeter at small depths of occurrence of inhomogeneities will be greater, than for the gradiometer. The design of the weights of the second kind in the gradiometer, based on using electromagnetic suspension instead of mechanical.......

  • 2014  № 5, pp. 52-56

Investigation of the platform interior of the western part of the Ural on the basis of the geophysical data

(Tarantin M.V. Kostitsyn V.I. Prostolupov G.V. Chadaev M.S. Gershanok V.A. )

Complex processing of seismic and gravity data at deep seismic sounding surveys provides determination of correlations of depth dependencies of longitudinal and shear wave velocities and density. Areal gravimerty data with these surveys as a pattern allows using acquired interpretation receptions to expand the area of earth crust being investigated.......

  • 2014  № 5, pp. 57-61

The choice of sampling of field seismic data in time and space

(Spassky B.A. Banchikov A.I. )

On the basis of spectral analysis are discussed phenomena aliasing (frequency distortion), and especially the choice of sampling of field seismic data in time and space. With digital recording and processing the right choice of parameters sampling avoids distortion of frequency content oscillations and reduce errors of the restoration of their amplitudes.......

  • 2014  № 5, pp. 62-67