Development M.K. Polshkov's idea of geophysical survey methods for earth crust seismic activity investigation in russia

(Kadurin I.N. Konovalov U.F. Mauhin A.V. Nedyadko V.V. Rakitov V.A. )

Development M.K. Polshkov's idea of seismic converted waves and geoelectric depth investigation for the North Caucasus, South Siberian and Far East were carried out. The data analysis have revealed good correlation between earth crust tectonic structure peculiarity with anomalously zones of high seismic waves attenuation, high geoelectric conductivity and seismic activity The peculiarities of organization and performing of seismic monitoring for Moscow region, carried out by local seismic network «Delta-Geon» stations, are described.......

  • 2013  № 6, pp. 59-64

Anomalies of geophysical fields at dilatation of rocks

(Ogadzhanov V.A. Ogadzhanov A.V. )

Features of change of anomalies of geophysical fields are investigated at dilatation of rocks. The complex analysis and interpretation of gravitational and magnetic anomalies of the East European platform showed that the decompaction of rocks can be caused by a serpentinization with which are connected geodynamic activity and conditions of formation of mineral deposits.......

  • 2013  № 6, pp. 65-69