Using of differential phase parameter (DPP) for IP anomalies separation

(Kulikov V.A. Yakovlev A.G. Zorin N.I. Manzheeva I.T. )

In this paper we show examples of using multi-frequency IP phase responses to distinguish between IP anomalies of different origin in ore exploration applications. The relation between the differential phase parameter, DPP, commonly used in INPHASE-IP method, and Cole-Cole equation parameters is revealed. We also analyze the behavior of DPP frequency response and its 2-frequency differential transform.......

  • 2013  № 6, pp. 23-31

3D-Electrical Resistivity Tomography at studying glacial sediments

(Pavlova A.M. Shevnin V.A. )

This article is about 3D electrical resistivity tomography (ERT) results in quaternary outwash and moraine sediments mapping and stratification. These investigations were conducted on Alexandrovka moraine plateau. We performed areal survey, using parallel 2D ERT profiles and following 3D inversion. Also we studied and described technical and geophysical capabilities, efficiency and productivity of this technology. As the result of our survey we obtained three-dimensional geoelectric model of the area and built geological model of the area on the base of our geoelectric results. Moreover, in our survey we detected the dependence between parallel 2D-profiles' orientation and geoelectric investigation results.......

  • 2013  № 6, pp. 32-37

Singular point methods for the gravity anomaly interpreting

(Petrishchevsky A.M. )

Results of the gravity anomaly interpreting by three methods of singular points in the tectonosphere sections of the North East Asia have compared. Possibilities of the coordinated geological interpretation of the gravity models received by different methods without attraction of auxiliary geologic-geophysical information are shown. Examples of studying of zones of a joint of earth's plates, diagnostics of structural discontinuities between tectonic complexes, schematic mapping of deep faults, immersions and upwards of crystal layer of the crust, diagnostics of the stretch structures and structures of the central type by distributions of singular points, and equivalent to them spherical density are shown. Recommendations about application of the singular point methods to study a deep structure of the crust and upper mantle in the Far East region of Russia are made.......

  • 2013  № 6, pp. 38-47

The delay of the tidal wave on the earth's land

(Antonov Yu.V. Antonova I.Yu. )

In the article the question of delay of a tidal wave on land caused by the attraction of the moon and the Sun. The definition of the delay of the tidal wave was conducted according to the measurements of the lunar-solar variations at the Bishkek geodynamic proving ground. It is established that the delay depends on speed of change of the lunar-solar variations of gravity and the average is 4 min (10).......

  • 2013  № 6, pp. 48-51

The definition of the location and the depth of boreholes on the verification of gravity anomalies generated by ore objects

(Dolgal A.S. Balk P.I. )

In the article we present results of the first experience of synthesis of renewed deterministic models of interpretation and simplest statistical methods for the definition of positions and depths of recommended boreholes with the object of development of gravity sources. In the suggested algorithm we use ideas of the guaranteed approach and constructions of generalized assembly algorithms for finding of single interpretative variants in the presence of different prior information.......

  • 2013  № 6, pp. 52-58